Why I do not like to relax in hotels with my compatriots.


My husband and I have been vacationing at a beach hotel in Sharm El Sheikh for almost two weeks now. Actually, this is not our format of travel and recreation at all, for many years we have been ignoring package tours and traveling only on our own. But in the current difficult times, the choice was not great, and I really wanted to go to the sea, so they changed their rules. We avoid all inclusive hotels and popular with Russian tourists. There are several reasons for this, which I will outline below.1. I don't want to load myself on vacation with other people's problems.If you come to the sea, it is only natural that you will spend most of your time on the beach, enjoying the sun, sea and beautiful views. But other tourists will rest on the beach next to you. If these are foreigners, then, fortunately, I do not understand what they are talking about and perceive their speech as something like the chirping of sparrows or the sound of the wind, it does not annoy me or hurt me. When Russian-speaking vacationers are around, I willy-nilly find out about their problems in the family and at work, what they eat for lunch and how many times they go to the toilet, and often even more juicy details that I don't want to know at all, but I have to listen, because there is no getting away from them. b>2. Bad education of children and lack of reaction of their parents. I will give just two examples, although there were many more in two weeks. In a restaurant where dinners are held, dishes with chopped vegetables and salads are placed on large round tables-showcases. It is necessary to type them with forceps, which are not very convenient even for adults. A child of eight years old comes up and tries to put sliced ​​cucumbers on his plate. Of course, it is difficult for him to cope with forceps. Parents are not around. As a result, the entire table is strewn with cucumbers, dishes with other vegetables, cucumbers also fall on the floor. You can't make comments, because mom and dad will immediately come running and make a scandal. The waiters, knowing this, silently put things in order for such an «independent» child. The second example is a bar on the beach. There are no big queues, usually 3-4 people are waiting for drinks. But surely someone’s child will fit in ahead of the whole line, barely reaching the counter with his nose, and will demand a foamy drink for dad or juice for himself at the top of his lungs. Several times I saw two brothers running up, banging their fists on the bar and chanting «juice-juice.» The queue silently demolishes this, the bartender pours them, fearing another scandal. To educate and teach the child how to behave in catering establishments, such parents did not bother. Children were not shown how to communicate with adults either. The result is what I described. 3. Have you forgotten how to smile and say hello?If you ride in a hotel elevator somewhere in Europe, or even just walk along the hotel corridor, then everyone you meet will definitely smile and wish you dear morning or evening. I'm used to it, for me it's the norm and at home in the elevator I greet fellow travelers and neighbors on the porch. Here, in the Egyptian hotel, on the first day I greeted my neighbors on the beach, so they didn't twist a finger at the temple. Likewise in other places. You won't expect a «hello» or a smile from anyone. They pass others with stone faces as they pass furniture. But we are on vacation, where is the positive?4. "All inclusive" — I'm ashamed of my compatriots.I'll make a reservation right away, not everyone does this, but I personally feel ashamed of those who do. It seems that if the hotel has an all-inclusive system, then at lunch or dinner you need to collect full plates of everything and it doesn’t matter that it’s not real to eat. You can bite something and then throw it half-eaten on the table. And then smoothly crawl into the bar and continue the belly feast there.5. Attitude towards service personnel. Planes from Western Europe still do not fly to Egypt, so there are no tourists from those countries in hotels. Resting mainly Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians and people from the former Soviet republics, all speaking Russian. Therefore, the hotel staff more or less mastered the Russian language, almost everyone understands, they say how. Either our tourists are not aware of this, or there is not enough culture, but communication with the staff at the hotel just depresses me and drives me to the blush. «Hey you, bring the whiskey over here!» "Come quickly bring me a deck chair here. Yes, not here, but here, stupid ram! — these are not the most striking examples of appeals to hotel employees. And then moans begin: «they don't like Russians.» The above points are annoying to me. It would be better to avoid them, which is why when I plan a new trip abroad and select a hotel, one of the conditions is the absence or minimal presence of my compatriots in this hotel.What do you think about these problems ? Would you comment on the cases described? Do you feel comfortable relaxing abroad in hotels popular with Russians? have read the article. I will be grateful for your likes, comments and subscription to the channel.

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