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This is my second year at Zen. The audience of the channel is not small, more than 200,000 people. People come to me very different and most of them are correct and adequate. I am always happy to read and welcome comments, both positive and negative. I understand that everyone is different and it is impossible to please everyone. Everyone has their own point of view and is entitled to express it. I always respond to comments and all, and correctly and politely. I am the author, which means the owner of the channel. And the hosts should treat their guests carefully and kindly.Author in Greece, Lefkada island (photo of the author's husband) Author in Greece, Lefkada island (photo of the author's husband) The only exception is when my guests start being rude to me or other commentators. I establish order in my house and do not allow offending other guests of the channel. At first I warn rude people, and then, if they don't understand, I block them. But it's not about them. There are some readers who really surprise me. Well, they just surprise me so much that I often don't even know what to answer them. I divided them into several groups. I think the authors of other channels met such types:1. Believe in nothing.Tell me, how should I react to such a comment? That's so categorically. Why such a comment at all and why did the person write it? Hand itchy or what? Do you think he's the only one? Quite often I come across such without comments explaining in which question I am lying, that the reader did not like it. If something is not liked in the text or does not correspond to the truth, let's discuss it, but constructively and not abstractly.2. Suspicious.Sometimes under the article there are such comments: In general, vigilant comrades doubt that the author is able to write something himself. Or they are accused that the photos are not mine, but stolen from other sources. From conversations with other authors, I realized that they have a similar problem. And the accusations are clearly unfounded. None of these commentators responded to my request to indicate the source from which I stole the photo or text. I dare to assure readers that all the articles and photos on the channel are copyrighted, except for the photos in the tests, but it is signed where these photos were taken from. The author and her husband in Thailand on the Kwai River (photo of the owner of the elephant) the owner of the elephant)3. Everyone who knows.How do you like this comment? Well, why even read an article if a person already knows everything? Is it not clear that only those who rent housing in Moscow go to resorts and travel? And how can you write a comment if you don't know what the article says? Why?4. Moscow-haters.Quite a large number of such readers. Yes, I admit that more favorable conditions have been created for Moscow pensioners than for regional ones. But it is the people who now work in Moscow who pay for these conditions, and not the whole country. And while I was working, I participated in financing the lives of the previous generation of pensioners by paying taxes. It has always been so. Why such hatred? After all, it is not Moscow pensioners who are to blame for the fact that the country has different pensions and different conditions for people. And how can you hate a whole layer of people behind your back? As in any other region, pensioners in Moscow are very different, and the majority are definitely not snickering.5. Lovers look into someone else's pocket.Before retirement, I worked for many years in a commercial organization, where even people sitting in the same office did not know the neighbor's salary. And asking a question about salary was considered extremely unethical and even uncivilized. And then completely strangers want to look into my pocket and demand an account of where the money comes from. I think that it is at least not tactful to count other people's money. And for someone it is in the order of things.6. On a different wave. I had an article in which, yielding to numerous curious people, I told what I save on in order to save money for travel. Where do pensioners get money for travel? I answer commentators who are very interested in this issue December 13, 2021 It's good that everyone has different opinions. I never take offense at negative comments if they are written in the correct form. But it often happens that people read, but do not understand or do not want to understand what I write about. Here are two comments on this article: It turns out that these commentators and I are on different wavelengths and simply do not understand each other. People, on the one hand, complain about a small pension, and on the other hand, they are not ready to give up delicious food and beautiful clothes. And monthly savings of 5-10 thousand (as we do) are not taken into account at all as too meager. Everyone has their own interests and priorities. And the pension is small, so you have to choose: if you want to dress beautifully, then forget about traveling, and if you want to travel, then save on other expenses. Something like this. It doesn't work otherwise. The author in Budapest (photo of the author's husband) The author in Budapest (photo of the author's husband) I have long ceased to be offended by harsh comments. Someone lets off steam in this way, life offended someone and he is embittered at the whole wide world. But some readers never cease to amaze me.I would like to know the opinion of other authors, do they meet the types of readers described by me? What else do your readers surprise you with?#retirement #communication #travel #finance Thank you for your understanding. I will be grateful for your comments, likes and subscription to the channel.

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