What is interesting in «Garden Paradise»? I continue to talk about the range and prices of the garden department «OBI»


HI don't know about you, but after the end of the New Year holidays, I increasingly have thoughts about spring and, of course, about the dacha. So, it's time to go to the store to stock up on seeds, fertilizers and other garden needs. I really like the garden section at OBI stores. There is always a wide choice, not the highest prices and very spacious, wide aisles and no crowding. The other day I have already talked about the assortment of potted flowers in this store. Assortment and prices of the «Garden Paradise» department in OBIS with life pension18 JanuaryBut flowers are only a small part of the assortment. Now is the time to buy some of the conifers. They are sold at a discount after the new year, and the condition of the plants is good. They look perky and it is clear that they were well looked after. I don't know what the Christmas trees with soft paws are called in the photo below. Maybe someone will tell? The price tag simply says «coniferous plant». Juniper scaly is sold at a price of 599 rubles for a small plant. The price tag is red, apparently juniper used to be more expensive. The range of conifers in the store is very large. There are also adult tall plants, but there the price is completely different. I prefer to buy very small ones. They are not only much cheaper, but also take root better. Rose bushes are already being sold, but the choice of varieties and colors is still scarce. I didn't look after anything for myself. Mushroom mycelium is on sale. I counted eight varieties. There are even aspen mushrooms among them. A very large selection of bulbous and dahlia roots. The prices are quite normal. The second half of winter is the time to stock up on seeds and flower bulbs for summer cottages. Went to OBI today. The choice of seeds is huge, and there are practically no buyers in the garden department. You can easily choose what you like without hustle. I was pleased with the choice of bulbous ones. I looked at the onions, felt them. They are firm, not sprouted, in good condition. And the price, I think, is adequate. For example, there are 8 freesias… January 17 It will be interesting in the store for cactus lovers. The choice is very large and the range of prices is also huge. The smallest are sold for 159 rubles. They are of different shapes and types, there are flowering ones. Scroll through the gallery. But this miracle is called euphorbia cristata. Looks very original. The cost is 429 rubles. # garden and cottage # flowers # cacti # reviews # prices Thank you for reading the article. Health and spring to all, while at least in the shower! I will be grateful for your comments and subscription to the channel.

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