Telliskivi Creative City: how an abandoned industrial zone turned into a fashionable place and tourist attraction


Of course, tourists coming to Tallinn are primarily attracted by the very atmospheric and well-preserved Old Town. But there are many other interesting places in the capital of Estonia. When you enjoy the incredible atmosphere and medieval architecture of the Old Town, I highly recommend that you go back to the present century and go to the Telliskivi Creative City, especially since you don't need not only a time machine, but even an elementary bus. The Middle Ages are separated from the present by only a railroad. So, we leave the Old Town along Nunne Street. Landmark — railway station. We cross the railway tracks along the underpass and see the Station Market «Balti Jaama Turg», built in 2017. There is only one floor of the complex on the surface, the other two are underground. The building was designed by the Astri Grupp company. To the left of the market along the railway and the Telliski quartervi is located. Once in this place, located behind the railway tracks opposite the Old Town, a very large electrical plant named after Kalinin worked. After the plant closed, 11 brick buildings stood abandoned for a long time, with broken windows. In 2007, the ownerless territory of the plant received a new life. Here was created the creative city "Telliskivi" (translated as «brick»), which provided its space for creative people. As a result, over time, the largest creative cluster in Tallinn was formed here: vintage clothing and hand-made goods stores, unusual restaurants and bars, art exhibitions and even its own theater. Now it is a favorite leisure place for young people in Tallinn and one of the sights of Tallinn. Fridays at "Telliskivi" there are dance evenings, and on Saturdays there is a flea market. The nondescript gray brick walls of the factory buildings are painted with bright murals. Now they look in a new way, giving the whole town originality and brightness. In one of the factory buildings, an Asian restaurant «Lendav Taldrik» is equipped. (Flying saucer). Agree, it is very unusual to exotic taste Indian or Thai dishes in a factory floor with a view of passing trains. In addition to shops and catering establishments, the town has an experimental theater, an exhibition area, a babysitting center, ateliers and advertising agencies. Recently and we began to remake industrial zones into creative quarters and cultural objects. The most recent example is the House of Culture "GES-2" opened on December 1 last year in Moscow on Bolotnaya Embankment.Thank you for reading the article. I would be grateful for your likes, comments and subscription to the channel.#travel #interesting places #estonia #tallinn #attractions You can see my other publications about European countries here :#europe mb

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