Shall we hurry spring? Assortment and prices of «Garden Paradise» department in OBI


Yesterday I went to OBI to buy land for seedlings and seeds. In mid-January, the «Garden Paradise» department almost empty, there are no customers at all, at least on weekdays. You can choose the right seeds and related products without fuss and hustle. And the most interesting thing in this department, of course, is fresh potted flowers. There is just a sea of ​​them, all kinds of colors and sizes. And the smell around is real spring! The most spring of them are primroses, daffodils and hyacinths. The primroses are in all their glory. The colors are very bright. Plants are in very good condition, cheerful and lively. I want to buy everything right at once. And now about the prices. They made me very happy. Actually, not even the prices themselves, but their comparison with last year. They not only did not grow, but some flowers even became a little lower. Today, primroses are sold for 129 rubles. And last year at the same time they cost 139 rubles. Last year's prices for potted flowers at OBI can be viewed and compared here: And at "OBI" it's spring already! Overview of the «Garden Paradise» department with photos and prices.16 January 2021Hyacinths are just beginning to bloom this year. One plant costs 79 rubles, exactly the same as a year ago. Daffodils are sold three onions in a pot, they have not yet blossomed, the more interesting it is to buy and watch the process at home. The cost of a pot with three onions is 169 rubles. There are a lot of cyclamens. Incredibly beautiful colors and very large flowers. They are also cheaper this year than last year. 219 rubles this year instead of 269 rubles last year. Begonia beauties have also fallen in price this year. Large lush flowering plants can be bought for 199 rubles. Last January, they cost 269 rubles. And of the new products that were not available last year, I can note wonderful, very bright gerberas. The plants are in perfect condition, very fresh and lively. True, their price, in my opinion, is a bit high. Potted roses are traditionally sold. Their price has grown by 20 rubles over the year. Violets are available. Very large yellow chrysanthemums. A large selection of Kalanchoe colors. Poinsettias not sold after the New Year are ready to give for 59 rubles. That year they were sold for 99 rubles. The island of my favorite orchids is located apart. Prices start from 599 rubles and up to several thousand. You need to look at the cost on each pot. Strelitzia is also on sale from exotic flowers. But she already has a different price level. A small plant costs 1199 rubles, larger ones are more expensive. If you are planning to buy potted flowers or seeds, or fertilizers, I advise you to hurry to do it before the spring rush begins in the respective stores.#garden and dacha #flowers #reviews #prices Thank you for reading the article. Health and spring to all, while at least in the shower! I will be grateful for your comments and subscription to the channel.

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