In St. Petersburg, they lived in the apartments «Dog and Cat». Original, but I don't want to go there anymore. I tell and show why.


VAbout the time of travel for me, the place where we stop to spend the night is of considerable importance. After all, if temporary housing is not comfortable or something inconvenient, in the morning you get up dissatisfied and not getting enough sleep, then the impression of the new city will not be entirely objective. Therefore, I always approach the choice of housing very meticulously and thoroughly. But, as you know, there is a hole in the old woman. This is how it happened with our apartments in St. Petersburg. We booked the apartments «Dog and Cat» on AirBnb, focusing on the excellent location in the very center, on the Fontanka, a high rating (4.8 out of 5), an acceptable cost (4000 rubles per day for five) and good reviews from those who have already been there.Apartments are located hereApartments are located here We were five of us, four adults and one small child, so we chose a three-room apartment with a kitchen so that everyone would be spacious and so that the child could cook. Front door from inside the apartment Front door from inside the apartment equipped kitchen with dishwasher and very original, bright design. Everywhere the theme is «Dog and Cat» Everywhere the theme is «Dog and Cat» What turned out to be real.1. The location is really beyond praise, all sights can be reached on foot. Plus, as a bonus, free parking in a locked courtyard for our two cars.2. That's where the positives end for me. There was a feeling that once the owner of the apartment, inspired by the idea of ​​making original apartments, gradually cooled down and, having made a rather original thematic design, «forgot» about the little things that are not visible in the pictures, but are important for residents. The door to the bathroom The door to the bathroom First of all, these are windows. In winter, it was not just a breeze from them, but it was terribly drafty and it was impossible to close the windows more tightly. We plugged the frames with blankets, but they still smelled cold.3. The apartment was well, very tired, it was felt in everything. Somewhere the socket was pulled out of the wall, somewhere the handle was torn off, and so on in everything.4. Our bed turned out to be very uncomfortable, from below in the mattress or under it something rested against the back and it was very uncomfortable to sleep.5. The kitchen, indeed, was equipped with everything you need and everything was in good condition, but it was very uncomfortable, old and cramped for five people. It so happened that both a high rating and good reviews sometimes do not guarantee that you will like the accommodation. This happened to us for the first time. I dearly love St. Petersburg, I go there often, and living in these apartments did not affect my attitude to the city in any way. But if it was a new city for me and I would get into such accommodation, then I think that this would bring some negative note to the trip. And what do you focus on when booking accommodation? Do failures in choosing a place to live affect your perception of a new place?I would be grateful for comments and likes.

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