How much does it cost to spend a weekend in a holiday home near Moscow and what to do there.


VRecently, many rest houses near Moscow have updated the number of rooms and began to offer quite comfortable living and recreation conditions. And then there is the well-known misfortune does not want to leave us, and many foreign places of the rest are not available to us. So, it's time to test the rest in the near suburbs. We go for two days to the «Atlas Park Hotel», located in the near suburbs: 28 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road along the Don highway; and another 5 kilometers from the highway to the hotel. I immediately want to draw the attention of readers to the fact that it was not me who went to this hotel, but my son's family with two children 4 and 7 years old. Check-in was Friday afternoon and check-out was Sunday afternoon. All inclusive family room price for two days amounted to 21,100 rubles. It is clear that giving a pensioner a monthly pension for two days of rest is somehow too expensive. What did my children get for this considerable amount?1. Room They were given a room in the main building, which is very convenient in winter, because in this building there are all entertainment establishments, a children's room, a restaurant where breakfasts, lunches and dinners were held. In addition, there are two more purely sleeping buildings. The room is very spacious and warm. It has a sofa bed and two single beds, air conditioning, TV, coffee table, refrigerator. The furniture, of course, is so-so, and the TV should definitely be replaced with a more modern one. The bathroom is also spacious with plenty of towels, shampoo and shower gel.2. System «All inclusive»The holiday home operates on the system «all inclusive». And the following is included:

  • three meals a day in the main restaurant, strong drinks are available during lunch and dinner.

According to children, the main dishes are delicious, but there are very few fruits and desserts. There is no children's menu. Or rather, it is, but in a different place and for money;

  • sports activities: swimming pool, billiards, table tennis, gym for an hour a day. Further for an additional fee. In fact, no one watches the time. The granddaughters frolicked in the pool for over two hours at a time;
  • outdoors: ski track, skating rink, tubing slide.
  • Rental of skis, skates, tubing free of charge. The territory of the skating rink and the slide is illuminated, music plays. There is a walking path through the forest called «10,000 steps». It is cleared daily.
  • disco for kids and adults. Children's is held until dinner. One day they just danced, on the second they had a paper party.

For adults, after dinner and until 11 pm, all sorts of contests and games are held, and from 11 pm there is a disco .3. What do you have to pay for

  • Bowling. It is in the main building, there are 4 lanes. Cost 1020 rubles per hour per track — 350 rubles
  • More than 10 types of different massages, including Thai, Samurai, Creole. Prices from 600 rubles (head massage) to 3600 rubles (Thai massage) li>
  • In-Room Bars and Minibars
4. For kids

  • the hotel is designed for families, so there are special children's animators. True, according to reviews, they do not really try to entertain children, rather they are simply present. Organized painting with paints on snow;
  • outdoor games , big fire with sausage roast;
  • there is a playground in the forest

and a children's room in the building;I liked the design of the common areas of the holiday home. There are many of them, they are comfortable. There are special photo zones. In the lobby of the main building we found a huge miracle tree, combined with Santa Claus. My kids rated it a 4. Food and children's animation did not reach the top five. #travel #vacation #Moscow region #vacation with children Thank you for reading to the end. I will be grateful for your comments, likes and subscription to the channel.

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